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Gracenote to power MetaBroadcast Barb measurement

December 7, 2023

Following the news that Barb had awarded three contracts for its audience measurement service: metadata and interim overnight programme logs to MetaBroadcast and interim overnight commercial spot logs to Clearcast, metadata management specialist MetaBroadcast confirms it to use Gracenote schedule metadata and unique content identifiers to reduce timescales for accurate programme identification, validation, enrichment and genre classification, as well as improve coverage and accuracy of Broadcaster IDs.

Gracenote suggests its inclusion will also allow Barb better to deduplicate content and accelerate reporting from seven days to three days after programmes are first made available on linear channels or streaming services.

“MetaBroadcast is delighted to continue supporting Barb by leveraging the robust metadata management capabilities of Atlas, our cloud-based active data platform, and by now working with premier global metadata provider Gracenote to improve Content ID coverage and classification,” said Jamie Mackinlay, CEO MetaBroadcast. “We recognise the importance of accurate, consistent, and timely programme data that allows Barb to fulfil the needs of its audience measurement customer base. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

“By leveraging Gracenote unique content IDs and programme metadata, measurement providers can quickly identify and better understand what people are watching across different services and platforms,” said Tim Cutting, Chief Revenue Officer at Gracenote. “We look forward to working with MetaBroadcast and enabling Barb to deliver new levels of speed, accuracy, consistency and completeness in their multi-screen audience measurement.”

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