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Transparent TVs showcased at CES

January 10, 2024

By Chris Forrester

Both LG and Samsung have showcased their latest ‘See Thru’ transparent displays at CES.

LG’s Signature-brand OLED T models comprise a transparent screen with a rollable opaque film behind that LG describes as a “contrast screen” which creates the viewable and conventional OLED images. The appeal of the transparent screen is that with the contrast screen stowed the clear screen can show artwork, photos, a virtual fish tank and more.

LG’s OLED T (pictured) has a 77” display and its main appeal is that it can effectiely vanish; one option shown by LG was the complete screen sitting within a neat bookcase-style housing. The unit is completely wireless (other than an electrical supply). LG says it will offer a standalone version, as well as wall-mounted and against-the-wall options for the new OLED T. LG’s small ‘Zero Connect’ box is tucked away which does all the hard work including receiving and handling video and audio and again fully wireless.

Samsung has also updated its transparent screen. Samsung’s concept has been around for a few years and has been upgraded to a MicroLED version which generated plenty of positive comments from CES delegates. Samsung showcased its transparent MicroLED display side-by-side next to transparent OLED and transparent LCD models to really highlight the differences between the various options. Samsung’s MicroLED was also truly frameless.

Neither LG nor Samsung have yet announced prices for their new TVs.

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