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Dubformer dubs W4tchTV YouTube docs

January 11, 2024

Dubformer, the AI-driven dubbing service for broadcast media, has localised 16 YouTube documentaries by W4tchTV using in-house solutions.

The first project included seven titles, totaling 697 minutes, with translations from English and French to Brazilian Portuguese, German, and LatAm Spanish. The second project featured 1,267 minutes of dubbing to Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Castilian Spanish.

A veteran in YouTube media localisation with over ten years of expertise, W4tchTV offers a revenue-sharing model for third-party multi-genre content. The company aimed to boost volumes, enhance quality, and accelerate the speed of content translation through a partnership with Dubformer AI.

“We have been experimenting with AI dubbing tools since the early days and are aware of their limitations for certain types of content,” said Samuel Zaslavsky, CEO of W4tchTV. “In our quest for an end-to-end localisation service that seamlessly blends AI with the human touch, we’ve tested various solutions. With Dubformer, we witnessed a significant improvement in the quality and emotional variability of synthesised voices.”

As part of the project, Dubformer used its in-house technology, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), Voice Biometrics, Machine Translation, and more. The AI dubbing was complemented by the Human Touch platform, where professional proof-listeners reviewed and refined AI-generated content to guarantee a superior level of quality.

“The broadcast media is actively leveraging YouTube and other UGC (User-Generated Content) platforms, where traditional localisation approaches prove inefficient,” said Anton Dvorkovich, CEO of Dubformer. “These platforms require large volumes of content with unpredictable monetisation. Our approach empowers media companies to cut video localisation costs by 30-50 per cent without compromising on translation volume and broadcast quality.”

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