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WaterBear content on WildEarth

February 13, 2024 and the WaterBear Network have announced a content partnership agreement that will see a selection of documentaries and short films from WaterBear screened on Freeview channel 91 in the UK, as well as on channel 183 on the DSTV platforms across the African continent.

This new partnership consolidates the relationship between WildEarth and WaterBear – the platform where impact meets entertainment – and enhances the shared goal of both organisations to increase awareness of conservation efforts around the world.

The WaterBear strands will premiere on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, in February and March, and will feature across the global distribution network of The strands will additionally be repeated during prime time viewing slots on Sunday evenings.

WaterBear Network, the free streamer using storytelling to spark change in the world, produces original content, spanning biodiversity, social justice, climate action and more. Available in 194 countries, WaterBear Network connects viewers with critical global issues and the social impact campaigns of more than 150 NGOs such as Oxfam and Greenpeace.

“WildEarth is excited to partner with WaterBear. We look forward to introducing our viewer base to this high quality programming that has such a positive effect on our planet” said Emily Wallington, the Co-Founder of WildEarth.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with and expanding our reach across the UK and Africa. WildEarth shares our dedication to compelling storytelling and environmental stewardship. This collaboration not only serves to captivate audiences but also to deepen global awareness about the urgent challenges facing our planet. At WaterBear Network, we actively seek partners who share our vision of informing, educating, and inspiring action. WildEarth’s commitment to connecting people with nature aligns perfectly with our mission,” added Oliver Taprogge, VP of Distribution at WaterBear Network.

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