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VideoAmp Introduces VALID

March 1, 2024

VideoAmp, a media measurement company revolutionising advertising, has unveiled its big data and technology engine, VALID (VideoAmp Linked Identity & Data). VALID uses rigorous methodologies to measure and reach cross-platform audiences with increased precision and accuracy, benefiting advertisers with more efficient media spend that is designed to drive higher conversion rates, publishers with more accurate measurement that is intended to increase yield, and consumers with more relevant ad messaging.

Powering their Advanced Currency and Measurement solutions, VALID links VideoAmp’s robust TV viewership data spanning 39 million households and 63 million devices with their Commingled Identity Graph and patented Clean Room technology to offer a more accurate representation of advanced audiences across linear TV and digital screens.

The VideoAmp Commingled ID Graph connects impressions to intended targets, delivering an average 70 per cent increase in measurement match rates vs single provider solutions. Supercharged by various datasets, VALID helps advertisers and publishers reach their intended audiences at the optimal frequency to drive more sales and create a more favourable consumer experience.

“In today’s advertising landscape, where the demise of cookies, the shift to on-demand streaming, and privacy regulations create challenges, VALID enables deduplicated cross-platform measurement in a secure way,” said Josh Hudgins, Chief Product Officer at VideoAmp. “The VALID identity graph, coupled with our clean room technology, connect disparate online and offline datasets giving advertisers a full picture of how their campaigns drive outcomes in the real world.”

With 1,400 per cent year-over-year growth in currency adoption and measurement partnerships in place with 95 per cent of the TV publisher ecosystem, VALID has enabled VideoAmp’s momentum in becoming the leading Advanced Currency solution for the entertainment industry.

“We are thrilled to work with VideoAmp for Advanced Currency and Measurement, bringing further attention to the need for accurate representation of Hispanic audiences,” said Brian Lin, Senior Vice President of Product Management at TelevisaUnivision. “We are focused on helping advertisers reach more of the right people at the right frequency across screens, and we’re excited to work with VideoAmp to bring this vision to life in 2024 and beyond.”

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