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TrueTVplus revolutionises FAST market

April 15, 2024

TrueTVplus, an industry leader in Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST), is spearheading innovation with the launch of their free ad-supported consumer Apps, paving the way for content owners to thrive in the rapidly evolving streaming landscape.

Over the past two years, TrueTVplus has emerged as a trailblazer, successfully creating, launching, and monetizing 23 FAST linear channels. These channels are now accessible on over 40 TV streaming platforms, witnessing substantial growth in ad revenues. Donald Shafer, co-founder of TrueTVplus and a seasoned industry expert, expressed gratitude for their partnerships with various TV streaming platform partners while highlighting the importance of providing their own consumer Apps.

“We value our partnerships with TV streaming platforms, but it’s time for us to offer our content directly to our audience,” Shafer stated. “Moreover, we’re thrilled to assist other content owners in launching their own FAST linear channels and AVoD, making it easier for them to tap into this burgeoning market.”

Gerald Bentley, co-owner of the FAST channel Wrestling Spotlight, praised TrueTVplus for its unparalleled support for smaller and niche content owners. “What distinguishes TrueTVplus is their commitment to helping content owners enter the FAST market,” Bentley remarked. “Unlike larger streaming platforms, TrueTVplus offers prime marketing opportunities and positioning for our content, driving engagement and viewership across multiple Apps.”

In partnership with FAST Channels TV, TrueTVplus provides comprehensive technology and monetisation services to content owners, revolutionising traditional playout technology. Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV, lauded TrueTVplus for their visionary approach. “We’ve witnessed TrueTVplus’s remarkable growth journey, from building their initial FAST channels to developing a robust platform,” Foy commented. “We’re excited to continue supporting TrueTVplus in expanding their reach and onboarding more content partners.”

TrueTVplus extends an invitation to content owners seeking entry into the FAST/Ad-based market to connect with their team for a detailed discussion on facilitating successful content launches and distribution. Discover TrueTVplus’s diverse range of channels and experience their Apps at and on leading platforms such as Roku, Fire, Apple, and Android stores.

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