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LatinFAST partners with FAST Channels TV to launch Retroson TV

February 21, 2024

LatinFAST LLC, the creative force behind Retroson TV, has announced its collaboration with FAST Channels TV to introduce their latest venture, a FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channel, to audiences worldwide.

Retroson TV is the newest addition to the FAST channel lineup, offering a curated selection of the finest Latin music videos from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. For more details and where to watch, visit Retroson TV’s official website:

FAST Channels TV enables over 130 content owners to create and launch their own FAST linear channels, providing state-of-the-art white-label platforms and playout generation services for broadcasters, operators, and content owners to swiftly launch and monetize their FAST channels.

Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “We are delighted to welcome LatinFAST LLC to our roster of channels. This partnership underscores our dedication to providing diverse and captivating content to our viewers.”

Mario Torres, President of LatinFAST LLC, echoed the excitement, saying: “Russell and the FAST Channels TV team have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life at a competitive cost. With the remarkable catalogue of music videos provided by our partners at Latin Entertainment Group, Retroson TV is set to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.”

The partnership between LatinFAST LLC and FAST Channels TV marks a significant stride forward in delivering meaningful and uplifting content to a wider audience. Viewers can anticipate an even more accessible and engaging experience with Retroson TV.

Keep an eye out for LatinFAST LLC on FAST Channels TV, the ultimate destination for all things Latin music and beyond.

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