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Madhive hires Wilson

May 14, 2024

Madhive, the technology company for local connected TV advertising, has announced that Jim Wilson has joined the company as President. Wilson will spearhead Madhive’s revenue, client service, and marketing divisions in his new role.

Wilson was the pioneer and President of Madhive’s original client, Premion, following its founding in 2016 and led TEGNA’s investment in Madhive in 2017. He was also an early visionary of streaming advertising solutions, establishing and growing TEGNA’s Premion – the first-to-market CTV advertising platform specifically for local broadcast, which later gained investment from Gray Television. Wilson, who joined the Madhive board in 2023, has worked closely with the company founders since its inception.

“During my time at Premion, I experienced first-hand the unparalleled power of Madhive’s CTV reach extension platform for local businesses,” said Wilson. “As the industry shifts to digital, Madhive is uniquely positioned to lead the charge by delivering hyper-targeted, data-driven campaigns at scale. The latest product launches, including Madhive’s political marketplace, enhanced media planning tools, and the creation of the company’s new AI division, Madlabs, each demonstrate the innovation and efficiency behind the platform. I am thrilled to join the team and fuel the next chapter of growth across channels.”

Wilson’s background includes traditional and streaming television and music, digital video, entertainment, and education software with advertising, subscription, and transaction-based revenue models. Wilson also held the Director and CEO position at the video gaming pioneer Atari. Until recently, Wilson served as the CEO of Talon’s North American Out-of-Home advertising business, where he jump-started and grew the revenue significantly, winning national and independent agency and brand direct clients such as Havas, Stagwell, and more, and acquiring businesses in the US and Canada.

“Jim’s expertise aligns perfectly with our vision to empower SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) with multi-channel advertising solutions that deliver predictable outcomes. Jim is not just a pioneer of local digital television; he is the architect behind the business model itself,” said Spencer Potts, CEO at Madhive. “He was integral to the Madhive business from the early days and as a board member. Under Jim’s leadership, Madhive will transform how small and medium-sized businesses reach their target audiences across channels.”

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