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Report: LGBTQ+ audiences prefer drama, romance

May 23, 2024

Revry, the LGBTQ+ media platform, has released its Q1 viewership findings, analysing more than 10 million US viewers preferences across queer-centric content.

The Revry report, LGBTQ+ Streaming Insights Q1 2024 presents a breakdown of the top most-watched genres, and sub-genres, and how advertisers can leverage those preferences to facilitate authentic and tactical engagements with the LGBTQ+ community.

Key takeaways from the report include: 

  • Drama Dominates: Drama emerges as the predominant genre, capturing 54 per cent of total watch hours as viewers seem to be drawn to narratives that delve deep into complex relationships and personal growth, indicating a strong preference for emotional and narrative depth.

    • Comedy remains a significant draw, comprising 31 per cent of total watch hours.

    • Documentaries accounted for 9 per cent of total watch hours.

  • Audiences Demand Romance: A deeper dive into sub-genres reveals a strong viewer inclination towards romantic themes. Dramatic Romance (25.9 per cent), Romantic Comedies (16.4 per cent), and Dramedies (10.9 per cent) collectively attract over 50 per cent of the total viewership within the top sub-genres, underscoring a clear preference for narratives intertwining love and relationships with humor and drama.

  • Drag Latina Season 2 Is Most-Watched: Drag Latina Season 2 stands out as the most popular programming on Revry in the early months of 2024, capturing 7.5 per cent of total watch hours despite reality TV making up only 4 per cent of the genre viewership. Other titles like Set It Off and The Exchange earned top viewership placement.

Awareness of these viewership trends provides strategic insights for advertisers aiming to connect effectively with the LGBTQ+ audience.

“This data can help brands craft campaigns that are culturally attuned and can foster meaningful engagements with the LGBTQ+ audience,” said Damian Pelliccione, cofounder and CEO at Revry. “By emphasising the importance of authentic narratives, relatable characters, and integration of humour and warmth in creatives, brands can meet queer audiences where they are with content that is contextually relevant.”

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