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Media committee Chair outlines achievements

May 28, 2024

By Colin Mann

Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, Chair of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has outlined some key achievements of the Committee and work that could be taken forward in the new Parliament, ahead of its dissolution, following the announcement of a General Election. The Committee has also published a letter to the Secretary of State on its British film and high-end TV inquiry.

“Over the last five years, our Committee has been at the forefront of standing up for our world class creative industries, supporting strong, independent media and working to ensure that our sporting heritage is protected for generations to come,” asserted Dinenage. “If the UK is to continue to lead the way in the world of art, music and drama, we must not take the success of our many talented artists, performers and producers for granted. The Committee’s efforts pushing for agreements on fairer pay and conditions and ensuring the opportunities and challenges posed by the rise of AI are met head on have been a constant thread throughout our work.”

“The Committee’s internationally recognised work on music streaming was described as a ‘key moment for the music industry’. It called for a complete reset of streaming to address the fundamental, structural problems within the recorded music industry and music streaming economy,” she noted.

“Our most recent report on grassroots music venues, which are shutting at the rate of two a week, shows what can be done when Parliament listens to those struggling on the ground. We have plotted a clear way ahead to stem the tide of closures, with proposals for a ticket levy and a fan-led review of live and electronic music, which have been met with broad support across the music world.”

“The media landscape is rapidly changing. Our pre-legislative scrutiny of the Media Bill was instrumental in helping to ensure legislation that is fit for the future and protects our proud tradition of public service broadcasting.”

“Our wide-ranging inquiry into British film and high-end TV has brought further success in already securing incentives from the Treasury to promote independent British film. Concerns remain over skills and recruitment in the industry and the next Government must continue to keep its eye on the ball to ensure this sector remains one of our global cultural success stories.”

“The Committee’s work on sport and its governance has focused on ensuring it becomes a welcoming place for women and girls and for people from all backgrounds. By helping to shape plans for football regulation, with broad political support, we can be optimistic that greater protections for clubs at all levels can be delivered in the interests of those up and down the country who are so passionate about our national game.”

“There is much to be proud of when it comes to our culture, media and sport sectors, which bring huge economic value to the economy, while uniting our communities and showcasing the very best of British talent on the world stage.”

“I am proud of the way our Committee has brought together cross-party MPs with a shared passion for the creative, media and sporting sectors and a determination to listen to those who work in them. I would like to thank my fellow Committee Members, our Clerks and all those in the sectors that have supported our work along the way. You have all epitomised the very best of what Parliament can achieve.”

“Our Committee has provided a number of blueprints for ways ahead in culture, media and sport – it is now up to our successors and the next Government to carry them forward,” she concluded.

Dinenage was elected Committee Chair in May 2023 following the resignation of Julian Knight MP. The next Chair will come from the majority party in the next Parliament.

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