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US advertising habits revealed

December 8, 2009

Market research company Synovate has released the findings of its global advertising study, shedding light on which media are the most effective in targeting Americans and their daily media habits.

According to the study, Americans can’t live without the Internet, want to see advertisements that are innovative, and are open to new technologies that monitor their media usage if privacy is maintained.

The mobile phone has become an increasingly prevalent channel for Americans to receive news and information, and the rise in smart phones has increased mobile marketing and advertising efforts. Thirty-five percent of people in the US say they cannot live without their mobile phone. However, as their use of mobile devices has grown, their attitude towards increased mobile marketing is still a bit hesitant. Over one third (39 per cent) of Americans feel the amount of ads they see now are sufficient while (54 per cent) say they would not accept more ads via their mobile devices even if paid to do so.

Across all markets surveyed, people think there are too many ads on TV, with 68 per cent globally and 71 per cent of Americans saying this. This may be why 48 per cent of people globally and 44 per cent in the US say they skip ads more often than they did a year ago, by either turning down the TV, changing the channel or fast forwarding through commercials.

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