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Spain: Ad spend up, but only in digital

March 20, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The advertising spend in Spain will continue falling in all media, including TV, in 2014 except for digital media with an estimated growth of between 1 and 3 per cent, according to IAB Spain.

Digital advertising already represents 21 per cent of the total ad market, second behind television reaching €878.4 million in 2013. TV ads represent over 40 per cent of the total ad market with revenues of €1,703.4 million in 2013, down 6.2 per cent, according to Infoadex.

Within digital media, advertising grew by 47 per cent in mobile to €39.9 million with an estimated growth of 40 per cent in 2014. Advertising in streaming video is gaining momentum with a share of 8.4 per cent.

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