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UK marketers adopting cross-screen, targeted tactics

February 17, 2015

Videology, the advertising technology platforms, has found marketers in the UK marketers are increasingly embracing more sophisticated methods of targeting and execution.

Examination of Videology’s platform in the fourth quarter has revealed 53 per cent of all ads run were served using advanced targeting – a 66 per cent rise on the same period in 2013. Campaigns targeted audiences based on a series of characteristics, including behavioural patterns, allowing marketers and advertisers to deliver campaigns that had been served to a relevant consumer-base.

The recently released Fourth Quarter UK Video Market At-A-Glance also showed that 79 per cent of all U.K. online video ad campaigns on Videology’s platform ran on more than one screen (e.g., PC and mobile), representing a 12 per cent increase quarter on quarter, and a 62 per cent increase since Q1. More specifically, campaigns running together on PC, mobile and connected TV devices increased from 53 per cent in Q3 to 63 per cent in Q4.

“Our analysis shows marketers are increasingly looking to target consumers based on their behaviour patterns, rather than simply geographic or social grade,” said Rich Astley, managing director of Videology UK. “Behavioural targeting is giving them the opportunity to reach those audiences most likely to convert purchasers, and effective data is at the heart of this.

“Advertising strategies are also more and more impacted by cross-screen video consumption by the consumer, with four out of five campaigns in the UK now running across multiple screens. This movement to multi-screen strategies underlines the superior results that marketers are seeing from sophisticated planning that targets the right audience group at the right time, whatever their device of choice.”

Other key findings from the Fourth Quarter UK Video Market-At-A-Glance include:
9-in-10 video campaigns were bought in a guaranteed, TV-like fashion (as opposed to RTB)
59 per cent of impressions on the platform landed on Entertainment websites – a 37 per cent increase in share YOY
Ad lengths other than 30 and 20 second grew in popularity, with a 57 per cent increase in share quarter-on-quarter
22 per cent of all impressions running on the platform in Q4 were FMCG ads, but retail saw the largest growth by 59 per cent to 17 per cent of all impressions

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