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Spain’s TV duopoly gathers strength

November 2, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The dominant position of the two largest TV groups Mediaset and Atresmedia in the Spanish FTA market is intensifying.

The latest report from Infoadex confirms that the two groups now control 86.4 per cent of the TV ad revenues. To September 30th 2016 the two groups took €1.308.6 million from the total TV ad pie of €1.515 billion, leaving just €206.4 million for the rest of the TV channels. In other words, the 13 existing regional TV stations and a hundred private TV stations only took a sixth of the total amount controlled by those two largest groups.

Total TV ad revenues for Mediaset Spain amounted to €663.3 million to September 30th, up 7.3 per cent. For Atresmedia, owner of Antena 3 and La Sexta among other channels, the ad turnover reached €645.3 million, up 6.6 per cent. Combined, both groups now control 86.4 per cent of the ad pie from the previous 85.9 per cent.

On average, the TV ad market grew by 6.4 per cent with regional TV stations losing 4.9 per cent of their ad revenues to €89.4 million, leaving them with a market share of 5.9 per cent. pay TV channels managed to rise by 7.3 per cent their ad revenues to €53.5 million with a market share of 3.5 per cent. For the rest of FTA channels, the ad revenues reached €63.5 million with a market share of 4.2 per cent.

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