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Study: Eutelsat ‘market leader’ in key W. African markets

November 13, 2018

The results of an in-depth study of TV reception throughout Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast positions Eutelsat as the satellite market leader.

The study, led by Nielsen, featured face-to-face interviews with 3,000 households in Nigeria, 2,000 in Cameroun and 2,000 in Ivory Coast – representative of the population of the geographical area surveyed.

The study showed that satellite TV reception is the dominant technology in Ivory Coast reaching 68 per cent of TV households (1.5 million households) and is also a major technology in Nigeria reaching 41 per cent (10.3 million households) and in Cameroon with 38 per cent households (1.3 million households).

The study revealed that Eutelsat’s 16° East neighborhood is the leading FTA position in Cameroon and Ivory Coast with a combined reach of 1.2 million households in those 2 countries. In Cameroon, 16° East is the leading position and reaches a total of 940,000 households representing 73 per cent of the DTH installed base. In Ivory Coast, it has the largest FTA installed base, reaching 240,000 households (37 per cent of the DTH installed base).

Eutelsat’s 16° East position caters for a wide variety of tastes with over 160 channels, among which are highly sought after local channels such as CRTV, Canal 2 International, Trace Africa, Novelas TV, RT1 and RT2 as well as popular international channels in French and English.

“Eutelsat is pleased to have established a strong presence in the regional audiovisual landscape, providing millions of households with access to a wide range of local and international channels. This study confirms that Eutelsat’s 16° East position is the leading position for free-to-air broadcasting in Cameroon and Ivory Coast and that Eutelsat’s three positions, 36° East, 7° East and 16° East, serve the largest combined audience in the Nigerian market. It is a testament to our long-standing partnership with many of Africa’s leading TV channels and bouquets. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships to develop our services as these dynamic markets continue to evolve,” said Nicolas Baravalle, VP/Sub-Saharan Africa at Eutelsat.

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