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Survey reveals biggest Bake Off earners on Instagram

September 22, 2020

Ahead of the new season, a survey has revealed how much former Great British Bake Off (GBBO) contestants earn on social media platform Instagram.

OnlineCasinos has ranked the stars from every series on their Instagram followings and potential earnings per post to reveal who makes the most money from the show.

The top 10 highest earning GBBO contestants of all time:

Contestant GBBO Year Followers Earnings Per Post (£)
1. Nadiya Hussain 2015 584K £1,752.69
2. Edd Kimber 2010 310K £931.51
3. Kim-Joy Hewlett 2018 253K £760.33
4. Candice Brown 2016 241K £723.56
5. Rahul Mandal 2018 200K £601.09
6. Ruby Bhogal 2018 174K £524.20
7. David Atherton 2019 124K £372.19
8. Alice Fevronia 2019 114K £343.76
9. Steph Blackwell 2019 114K £343.19
10. Nancy Birtwhistle 2014 108K £324.27

Futher highlights:

  • Nadiya Hussain, winner of GBBO 2015, is the top earner out of all contestants on the platform due to her follower count. She has the potential to make £1,752.69 per post.
  • Alice Fevronia is the only former contestant active on TikTok with over 3,700 Followers and can earn up to £18.76 per post.
  • Mary Berry doesn’t have an Instagram account, but former presenter Paul Hollywood does, and could earn up to £1,035.62 per post due to his 345K followers.

Putting their money where their mouth is:

  • During lockdown, only 3 of the former contestants have been seen to be banking in on this earning potential by posting sponsored AD or Paid Promotion posts on Instagram.
  • The 3 top lockdown earners are:
  1. Candice Brown. Making £5,064.92 from 7 AD posts.
  2. Kim-Joy Hewlett. Making £1,520.66 from 2 AD posts.
  3. Edd Kimber. Making £931.51 from 1 AD post.

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