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Unruly and Publica partner

November 9, 2020

Video advertising platform Unruly has announced a global partnership with connected TV platform Publica that gives CTV and OTT publishers access to ad pod monetisation and automated deal management tools.

Through this partnership, Unruly and Publica will enable publishers to provide advertisers with similar buying techniques to linear TV. This includes competitive separation and the ability to purchase the first position within ad pods – similar to standard TV commercial breaks – while also helping publishers maintain higher yield per impression and more control over how their inventory is packaged, priced and sold.

The partnership combines Publica’s CTV ad serving capabilities, server-to-server header bidding solution and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology with Unruly’s unique, global demand and self-service automated deal management tools for publishers.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Unruly to bring publishers the tools they need to maximise the value of their inventory,” said Ben Antier at Publica. “With many publishers shifting away from the current VAST waterfall model, our partnership provides them with a one-stop shop for ad serving and self-service deal management.”

“With almost half (42 per cent) of US consumers significantly increasing their time watching CTV content since the start of the Coronavirus, we’re thrilled to partner with Publica to empower publishers to take advantage of this trend and meet the needs of today’s buyers,” said Kenneth Suh, Chief Strategy Officer at Unruly. “With Publica’s CTV header bidding and ad serving capabilities and Unruly’s self-service tools and unique demand capabilities, we’re uniquely positioned to help our publisher partners efficiently optimise the value of their inventory to maximise revenue.”

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