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Accenture helps UPC Polska tap Google Cloud

November 10, 2020

Accenture and Google Cloud have collaborated to help UPC Polska, the Polish connectivity and entertainment provider, move from an on-premises infrastructure to cloud, in response to changing customer demands. The new model balances UPC Polska’s traditional IT systems with the speed and flexibility of cloud services to reduce time to market and enable content personalisation delivery for 1.5 million customers.

“A cloud-first move is the foundation required for digital transformation, enabling resilience, new experiences and products as well as trust, speed and structural cost reduction,” said Mariusz Chudy, managing director at Accenture in Poland. “Our collaboration in training and restructuring UPC’s IT teams allowed them to take this first step, increasing speed to market on new features and unleashing their potential for innovation.”

“After deciding on a hybrid approach to app modernization powered by Google Cloud’s Anthos, we knew that one of the main challenges would be gaining vital knowledge around cloud technologies and management,” said Monika Nowak-Toporowicz, chief technology officer, UPC Polska. “Having Accenture as a partner was key to overcoming this obstacle, as they focused on the cultural and organizational elements involved in rolling out a cloud-first solution and ramping up our teams, leading to a successful deployment in roughly six weeks.”

UPC Polska is considering taking further advantage of its new model. The company is exploring next-generation projects including improving experiences with smart home technology, as well as an integrated platform to connect mobile and fixed networks. UPC Polska is also expanding its data analytics capabilities to further personalise experiences for each user within individual households.

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