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Survey: Growing objections to Tokyo Olympics

January 14, 2021

By Chris Forrester

The number of Japanese citizens now objecting to this year’s planned Olympic Games is growing. Not helping enthusiasm is a state of emergency declared last week for the Tokyo prefecture and three surrounding areas.

A surbey from Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reveals almost 80 per cent feel the Games should be either postponed or cancelled completely. Only 16 per cent say the events should go ahead.

NHK carried out the survey over the weekend by telephoning people aged 18 and older chosen at random. A total of 1,278 people, or 59 per cent of those contacted, provided responses.

On the Tokyo Games 16 per cent said the events should be held as scheduled, down 11 percentage points from the previous month. A total of 38 per cent said they should be cancelled and 39 per cent said they should be further postponed, up about 7 percentage points in both cases.

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