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Research reveals interest in rent-bundled broadband

July 8, 2021

Findings from research firm Parks Associates reveal 40 per cent of MDU (multi-dwelling unit) renters in US broadband households are interested in bulk broadband Internet bundled with their rent and 77 per cent of those are willing to pay higher rent in exchange for these services.

The firm also tracks growing ownership in smart home devices among MDU residents, with 41 per cent of all MDU broadband households owning at least one smart home device, compared to 34 per cent of single-family households. The firm’s latest whitepaper, Future-Ready Broadband: Ubiquitous Connectivity for MDUs, developed for Cox Communities, evaluates the benefits of next-generation connectivity services for MDU property managers and residents and the role of the service provider as a key partner in smart MDU living.

“Consumers need broadband to live, work, learn, shop, and connect to healthcare, banking, and more,” said Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates. “Social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed consumer dependence on reliable connectivity and high-speed access, as it is the foundation for access to and quality of connected services like telehealth, video conferencing, and online fitness solutions to meet their daily needs.”

“Today’s homes are dependent on technology and connectivity, and this requires a strong need for consultative engagement for MDU developers and managers. From optimising operational efficiencies, connectivity solutions, cloud-based services, device choices and integration, Cox supports as a trusted advisor in the industry,” said Vickie Rodgers, VP, Cox Communities. “Smart homes don’t work without great broadband connections and the appropriate integration and Cox Communities provides that solution.”

High smart home device adoption among MDU residents correlates with age. Consumers 25-34 years old are among those more likely to adopt smart home devices, and they are also the most likely to live in a multi-dwelling unit.

Building on a high-performing broadband backbone, MDU property managers can leverage connected devices and smart platforms that integrate connected solutions to streamline property management tasks and lower operating costs, attract and retain residents, and increase rental revenues. Sixty-five per cent of MDU builders report their business model leverages smart home technology to differentiate properties and add value.

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