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ThinkAnalytics rebrands suite as Think360

July 23, 2021

ThinkAnalytics has announced that the total number of subscribers under contract is approaching 400 million as it unveiled a major rebranding of its viewer engagement platform to Think360.

The company said it “better reflects the breadth and depth of its solutions, which touch every aspect of the viewer lifecycle”.

ThinkAnalytics has released new insights from over 80 Think360 deployments, revealing significant increases in viewer engagement. Headline results include:

  • A 60 per cent increase in shows viewed
  • A 300 per cent increase in plays from search powered by Think360
  • A 100 per cent increase in VoD consumption
  • Personalisation is driving a 450 per cent increase in content plays
  • An increase in average watch time per user of over 80 per cent
  • A 35 per cent rise in linear TV hours watched
  • Material increases in loyalty and reduction in churn.

Today over half of Think360 customers complement content discovery with the ThinkInsight real-time analytics platform to monitor and manage the efficacy of search and recommendations across the UI, and to guide decisions on everything from programming to marketing, content acquisition and pricing. The newest addition to the suite, ThinkAdvertising, is being evaluated by several customers looking to add incremental revenue streams with targeted advertising.

Running on AWS, the Think360 suite spans the subscriber journey, including personalised content discovery, viewer insight, A/B testing, editorial and UX control, AI metadata enrichment, churn detection and analysis, and hyper-targeted advertising – all with intuitive management consoles and underpinned by machine learning and AI.

“We are seeing massive changes in the way we find and consume content. This has been fuelled by enhanced viewer experiences from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and ourselves as we help viewers find compelling things to watch in an ever-growing ocean of content. Our rebranded Think360 viewer engagement suite more fully conveys what we offer, not just search and recommendations, and is all about acting upon intelligence to improve content upsell, subscriber engagement and satisfaction. And the results speak for themselves with significant uplift in viewer engagement for customers deploying Think360 personalised discovery,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at ThinkAnalytics.

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