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Greenland: Extreme E on KNR

August 4, 2021

By Nik Roseveare

Off-road electric racing championship, Extreme E, has confirmed that Greenland’s flagship national television broadcaster, KNR (Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa), will air the championship’s Arctic X Prix live on its digital, terrestrial and cable television channels.

The sport for purpose championship, which made its global debut in Saudi Arabia back in April this year, will make motorsport history when it races on Greenland’s retreating Russell Glacier on August 28th-29th, as it marks the first ever motor racing event ever to take place in this country.

Like all of Extreme E’s race venues, Greenland has been chosen as it is an area suffering as a direct result of the climate crisis. By visiting the area of Kangerlussuaq, the series aims to raise awareness of the rate at which ice is melting by racing on land previously occupied by the once-mighty glacier.

With the help of its broadcast package, Extreme E be aims to to shine the spotlight on the emergency of the environmental situation here, and the championship along with its independent Scientific Committee, will also seeks to leave behind a positive long-term legacy in the region including a collaboration with UNICEF to educate young people on the impacts of climate change.

Extreme E will also support UNICEF’s NAKUUSA programme, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary supporting children’s rights in Greenland through the creation of children’s councils that help to amplify their voices.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “We are delighted that KNR will be working with us and televising this world first in Greenland. No-one has ever put on a motorsport event here before and so we are excited and proud to be taking Extreme E to this beautiful country which unfortunately, is being devastated by the climate crisis. By bringing our sport for purpose here we can show the world, through our broadcast, the destruction being caused to the ice cap and the steps we can all take to reduce our carbon emissions and help put a halt to this global emergency. Extreme E is a series that pledges to race without a trace and most importantly, to leave behind a legacy that will make a positive long-lasting difference to everywhere we visit. Our support of incredible legacy programmes here in Greenland will also educate next generation on the effects of the climate crisis, and empower them to make real change.”

Kim Larsen, Head of Television at KNR, added: “KNR is happy to broadcast the Extreme E event in Greenland, it’s excited to present the very first motorsport event. We are proud to be able to show programmes and transmit the live events over all of Greenland. Bringing an event of this size to Greenland is an extreme in itself – Extreme E is truly groundbreaking.”

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