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PallyCon unveils OTT anti-piracy solution

September 8, 2021

By Colin Mann

Multi DRM and content protection service provider PallyCon has launched what it says is a powerful anti-piracy solution for OTT platforms. The solution tracks and mines illegal content leakage and sends a red alert to the source of the illicit content generator.

The solution, supported by forensic watermarking integration, globally monitors content leakage. It issues a DMCA Takedown Notice to the pirated website before eliminating unlawful content from the site.

PallyCon’s forensic watermarking integrated system intelligently crawls and detects hundreds of illicit pirated links over the Internet. It takes these down while providing customers with the choice to detect the source of piracy.

James Ahn, Founder & CEO of PallyCon parent company INKA ENTWORKS, said that producing premium content requires effort, time, and money, and that illegal content copy leads to massive losses to producers and diminishes the charm of new movie releases or any creative content produced.

PallyCon can now safeguard and enable content production houses and content studios to produce and distribute content safely by adding an anti-piracy solution to the digital arsenal.

The anti-piracy solution is a premium addition to the suite of PallyCon content protection, warehousing and forensic watermarking technologies designed to secure and guard apps and developers against various breaches and content piracy.

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