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Analysis: SVoDs drive content internationalisation

December 13, 2021

Analysis from Ampere focuses on changes in the country of origin of the most popular titles on the SVoD platforms. Historically, US content has tended to dominate on the global stage, while in individual countries, local content has often held the balance of power. But this is beginning to change. In 2017, 15 per cent of the world’s 100 most popular titles were made outside the US. Today that figure has grown to 27 per cent.

Ampere’s analysis reveals that English-speaking and European markets currently have the lowest appetite for internationally produced content, largely thanks to their heritage of strong local film and TV production. These countries generate a significant proportion of global pay-TV and OTT revenues, and by 2022, will be responsible for generating 71 per cent of OTT subscription revenue and 67 per cent of global pay TV revenue.

It’s not only production strategies that are changing. Global SVoD platforms have previously chosen to focus on local content in these markets due to their scale and strong preference for locally produced titles. But the analysis reveals that viewing preferences in these countries are starting to shift.

“It has been gradual, but our analysis shows that the audience for internationally-produced content is growing in the key revenue-generating English-speaking and European markets,” reports Rahul Patel, Senior Analyst at Ampere Analysis. “SVoD subscribers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada in particular are tuning in to content produced overseas, and the major global SVoD platforms like Netflix are driving this trend by commissioning high quality non-English language titles, and by increasing the number of foreign language titles in their catalogues. “

“The pandemic offered a boost to internationally produced content as production shutdowns and release delays led to locked-down viewers looking further afield for shows and movies to watch.”

“As the SVoD players expand geographically and continue to make high production value titles in a multitude of global markets, we expect the demand for overseas produced content to further increase,” he advises.

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