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MELS invests in virtual production

February 18, 2022

After making a major investment in developing virtual film production capabilities and operating its virtual stage for more than a year, MELS is unveiling new state-of-the-art facilities: a cutting-edge 10,000 square-foot virtual production stage equipped with a motorised movable ceiling.

This programmable, robotic feature opensup exciting possibilities for virtual production.

“Our new virtual stage will let us take our know-how to the next level and apply our advanced expertise to continue developing our services for major local and foreign projects,” said Richard Cormier, Executive Producer, Virtual Production at MELS.

“This significant spend supportsthe technological shift we began a year ago and keeps MELS at the head of the pack in the industry,” added Martin Carrier, President of MELS. “Our innovative virtual platform will enable us to keep offering local creators and major international players the very best technology.”

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