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Research: 51% Spaniards share SVoD services

February 18, 2022

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Over half (50.9 per cent) of Spaniards share their SVoD subscription with others, and 12.6 per cent admit to watching OTT content without paying, according to a VoD Analytics report from SigmaDos30.

The report reveals that 49.1 per cent claims to be the only subscriber and user of their SVoD service, with the rest sharing their account with others. On average, each customer has access to 2.3 platforms with over 46 per cent spending between 1 and 2 hours watching streamed content, and 27.6 per cent up to 3 hours.

Neary three-quaters (72 per cent) per cent of Spaniards have access to Netflix, followed by Prime Video with 67.8 per cent, HBO Max with 31.3 per cent, Disney+ with 29.5 per cent, DAZN with 9.2 per cent, Pluto with 7.5 per cent, Atresplayer with 7.3 per cent, Movistar Lite with 7.2 per cent, RTVE Play with 4.8 per cent, Apple TV+ with 4.8 per cent and Rakuten with 4.6 per cent, among others.

A large majority, 82.2 per cent, access OTT through a Smart TV.

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