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Data: US adds 1,065,000 broadband subs in Q1

May 20, 2022

Leichtman Research Group (LRG) reports that the largest cable and wireline phone providers and fixed wireless services in the US – representing about 96 per cent of the market – acquired about 1,065,000 net additional broadband Internet subscribers in Q1 2022, compared to a pro forma gain of about 1,120,000 subscribers in Q1 2021.

These top broadband providers account for about 109.3 million subscribers, with top cable companies having about 75.6 million broadband subscribers, top wireline phone companies having about 32.3 million subscribers, and top fixed wireless services having about 1.4 million subscribers.

Findings for the quarter include:

  • Overall, broadband additions in Q1 2022 were 95 per cent of those in 1Q 2021
  • The top cable companies added about 480,000 subscribers in Q1 2022 – 52 per cent of the net additions for the top cable companies in 1Q 2021
  • The top wireline phone companies added about 50,000 total broadband subscribers in Q1 2022 – compared to about 80,000 net adds in 1Q 2021
    • Wireline Telcos had about 480,000 net adds via fibre in Q1 2022, and about 430,000 non-fibre net losses
  • Fixed wireless/5G home Internet services from T-Mobile and Verizon added about 530,000 subscribers in Q1 2022 – compared to 110,000 net adds in Q1 2021

“Top broadband providers added over one million subscribers in Q1 2022, similar to last year’s first quarter, but the distribution of net broadband additions differed from a year ago,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group. “Fixed wireless services accounted for half of the net broadband adds in Q1 2022, compared to about 10 per cent of the net adds in Q1 2021.”

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