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WaterBear partners with Ecologi

June 22, 2022

WaterBear Network, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of the planet, has announced a multi-level partnership with climate action brand, Ecologi. The collaboration will see WaterBear Network supporting Ecologi in its vision to reduce half of the world’s projected emissions by 2040 by uniting businesses and individual communities through collective action.

With WaterBear’s content reaching 194 countries, the streaming platform will work alongside Ecologi to raise awareness of nature-based and nature-driven solutions to climate change, including planting forests, supporting wildflower restoration and driving wind and solar power. For years, policies have largely tackled biodiversity loss and climate change independently of each other. However, Ecologi strives to address the synergies to maximise benefits and meet global development goals.

As part of the partnership, WaterBear will raise awareness of Ecologi’s on-the-ground projects through an impact-led three-part mini series, launching in August. Alongside the series launch, WaterBear will plant a tree for every new member joining to help fund the planting of 30,000 trees. This marks WaterBear’s second tree planting initiative since its launch. Last year, WaterBear committed to planting 30,000 trees in the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Scotland, to show its support for rewilding initiatives in the UK.

Ecologi seeks to empower businesses and consumers to collectively reverse climate change. The platform coordinates carbon reduction projects around the world, giving users access to the tools to support and help fund climate action initiatives, including a monthly subscription and funding the planting of trees. So far they have grown a community of over 35,000 members that have planted more than 43 million trees and reduced 1.9 million tonnes of Co2e – the equivalent of avoiding 25 million road miles everyday.

WaterBear Network connects partners to a network of more than 140 NGOs and a growing global community. WaterBear’s content production, distribution and activations enable partners to execute multichannel impact and marketing campaigns that communicate brand purpose while connecting consumers to inspiring content and ways to act on key environmental issues.

WaterBear’s VP of Strategy & Development, Sam Sutaria, commented: “To meet global climate targets, we have to decarbonise the world economy by 40 megatons this decade but also wholly remove 10 megatons from the atmosphere through other means, including the nature-based solutions Ecologi offer. This partnership will allow us to raise awareness of these efforts through storytelling to educate and empower others to champion direct climate action.”

Ecologi’s CEO & Co-Founder, Elliot Coad, added: “We’re really pleased to be working with the WaterBear Network who create award-winning and inspirational content that empowers people to dive deeper, learn more and take action to tackle the climate crisis. We both place integrity at the core of our offerings and their commitment to planting 30,000 trees via new members is evidence of this. We can’t wait to get the ball rolling and see the change we can make together to combat climate change.”

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