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McCall: ITVX enables better viewer connection

September 28, 2022

Colin Mann @ RTS London Convention 2022

ITV Chief Executive Carolyn McCall has suggested that the commercial PSB’s planned ITVX AVoD service, set to launch in Q4 2022, will enable it better to connect with and retain the viewership of key, younger demographics.

Asked by journalist and presenter Amol Rajan, in conversation at the RTS London Convention 2022, as to the difference between ITVX and the existing ITV Hub platform, McCall said the latter was never intended to be a “destination”, just a catch-up service. “It had very basic technology, a clunky user experience and only 1,500 hours of content,” she admitted. Investment in technology and data had given ITV the foundation to be able to do ITVX. “Viewers’ habits have shifted, so it was our time to step up and launch our own service,” she added.

“ITVX is a free AVoD service with 9,000 hours plus of content for free, enabling advertisers to use highly personalised ads. Those younger viewers who go to ITV Hub to binge a series will now find something else to watch on the platform,” she predicted. “ITVX will give us far more information about what the viewer is watching, e.g., when they start and drop off. So, we will be able to give very nice, viewer-centric communication e.g., ‘If you liked Spy Among Friends, you will love this drama’.”

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