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Sweden: AVoD has bigger reach than SVoD

November 25, 2022

Mediavision’s Q3 analysis shows that 90 per cent of all 15-74-year-olds in Sweden view AVoD services at least once a week. This compares to the 75 per cent reach of SVoD services during the same period. Advertising supported services thereby qualifies as the category with the highest reach over the course of an average week.

Furthermore, strong growth has been observed for the AVoD services over the past 12 months. Growth is mainly driven by social media platforms, with the highest weekly reach recorded for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. If social media platforms are excluded, other AVoD services reach 61 per cent of all 15-74-year-olds in an average week.

Mediavision also notes a clear interest for new types of hybrid services, with a limited amount of advertising at a lower cost. New online services, which are fully financed by advertising, have also entered the market recently, such as Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus.“We believe that the interest in advertising financed streaming will continue to increase in Sweden, as well as the interest in services combining consumer payments and ads into various hybrid offerings,” commented Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision. “In the US, such services are already available, for example by Netflix. Disney+ is set to launch its own US hybrid offer in December. Perhaps the economic climate will push forth a similar development in the Nordics.”

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