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France : 50m people watch content daily

January 20, 2023

Post-Covid trends in 2022 have confirmed the acceleration of video consumption as the number of offerings and platforms is expanding rapidly in France, according to the Médiamétrie 2022 TV Year study.

Some 50.4 million French users (88 per cent) now watch videos daily, whether on a connected TV, VoD or social networks. This represents a total video viewing around 4 hours and 46 minutes, a 5 per cent growth compared to 2019. Médiamétrie explains this significant trend by the growing number of various screens in French homes.

Families now own 5.6 screens in average at home, a six per cent growth compared to 2014. Two-thirds of French homes (68 per cent) are now equipped with Smart TV sets, and 47 per cent have subscribed to a SVoD service, up 18 per cent compared to 2019. In 2022, SVoD garnered 8.9 million users daily, a growth by 48 per cent since 2019, including one fourth of people after 50 years old (+7,6 points over four years).

However, the traditional TV set remains a pillar in overall video viewing. As a screen, it is used 4 hours and 16 minutes in average, and as a medium, it records a daily TV viewing of 3 hours and 26 minutes. The TV screen counts 43.3 million daily TV viewers watching 80 per cent of TV content. As in other countries, French TV viewing shows a falling trend as the average TV consuming went down 6 per cent between (14 minutes) 2019 and 2022.

To provide more specific and focused overall viewing figures, Médiamétrie plans to integrate a measuring system of platforms and their content, within two years as well as home viewing on all screens other than the TV set. The company isn’t currently working on measuring the reach of FAST channels.

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