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Big Zuu Watch Party hits 20% engagement during KSI vs Fournier

May 17, 2023

Big Zuu hosted the KSI vs Joe Fournier DAZN Watch Party on May 13th bringing consumers closer to the action.

Over 20 per cent of the overall UK viewership of this most recent X-Series fight tuned in to interact with each other using Dazn’s latest innovative chat feature. Fans who tuned in to the fight through their TV were able to participate in the Watch Party through a QR code allowing a more immersive and interactive viewing experience on their second screen (mobile or tablet). Additionally, fans were also able to join through their desktop browsers on  

Fight fans joined in their thousands, engaging throughout the live action, interacting with each other and with the Watch Party host Big Zuu by sending messages, GIFs, reactions, stickers, voting in live polls and having a chance to win prizes and discounts for the X Series official store.

MF & DAZN X Series: 007 was the perfect match for Watch Party with KSI’s passionate digital native fanbase. According to a global study by the consulting firm MIDiA Research, published in February 2023, 49 per cent of people who watch television do so while performing other tasks. In addition, the report highlights how the younger generations consume content in non-traditional ways, with 62 per cent of 16–19 year-olds enjoying audiovisual content on their smartphones.  

The popularity of Watch Party with this cohort of fans demonstrate how trends in sports broadcasting are changing and moving towards an immersive combination of the big screen with a connected second screen experience. Dazn’s second screen functionality allows users to engage with and influence the live event while interacting with the broader fan community, recreating the live event community from their living room. The deployment of Watch Party highlights DAZN’s dedication to innovating the viewing experience, engaging younger audiences, and remaining relevant in the age of connectivity.

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