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Xsolla partners With Appsflyer

August 9, 2023

Xsolla, the video game commerce company, has announced a partnership with AppsFlyer, a B2B SaaS/marketing technology company.

As the gaming industry continues to be led by mobile revenue, Xsolla’s addition of AppsFlyer to their Web Shop services brings cross-platform measurement to enable developers to gain valuable player insights, estimate webshop and marketing efficiency, and increase the web sales channel performance. This integration allows game developers to gather and analyse user behaviour and interactions on the web and inside the game, then compare metrics and gain valuable insights, all through easy-to-use dashboards.

“This partnership with Xsolla promises to elevate measurement precision, enable user segmentation, and foster a deeper comprehension of customer flow, behaviour, and engagement,” said Brian Murphy, AppsFlyer Head of Gaming. “Both AppsFlyer and Xsolla care deeply about delivering the best possible user experience and measurement capabilities to marketers, and this partnership will enable them to have greater control of their monetisation strategies, budgets, and campaign insights.”

A prominent feature of this collaboration is that it not only provides the users of AppsFlyer, primarily utilised for mobile analytics, with the capability to track players’ data on the web but also aims to increase efficiency and provide better control over data for those striving to optimise and understand their digital customer journey. With future integration steps in view, developers can build cross-platform dashboards to compare metrics and extract valuable insights. These efforts come as part of Xsolla and AppsFlyer’s mission to assist mobile game developers by offering a unified cross-platform – PC, web, and app – solution that enables the measurement across all marketing touchpoints and facilitates the analysis of customer journeys and activities.

AppsFlyer is a B2B measurement SaaS company that empowers brands to demonstrate the business impact of their marketing initiatives and make bolder decisions with higher confidence, thanks to its unbiased data and actionable insights. App developers and marketers use AppsFlyer to understand user behaviour better and optimise marketing campaigns for their games.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with AppsFlyer. It’s a significant step forward in our ongoing support of mobile game developers,” said Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla. “The mobile sector continues to drive global gaming revenue and growth. The combination of Xsolla’s Web Shop solution and AppsFlyer unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights into player behaviour and engagement, webshop and marketing effectiveness, and web sales channel performance.”

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