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WaterBear launches collaborative content studio

August 10, 2023

WaterBear, the distributor, content studio and streaming service, has launched its new collaborative content studio alongside a new-look platform to amplify the impact of its purpose-driven content.

The studio will leverage its network of filmmakers to help brands spotlight critical issues and connect with its community of next-gen viewers.

Lisa Cadwallader joins the new studio as Vice President of Content and Development. By working with leading companies to create and distribute free, powerful content to millions of viewers, LCadwallader and the team will help partners – whether brands, NGOs or foundations – move away from traditional content marketing to programming that aims to deepen consumer trust and embeds brand relevance, whilst making a measurable environmental and social impact.

The studio seeks to motivate viewers to take action by producing a roster of purpose-driven content spanning scripted and docu-scifi to investigative features and lived experience shorts.

Meanwhile, the new updated platform will enable brands to harness the data collected through its platform to gain valuable insight into its audience’s environmental and impact concerns. This impact behaviour data will ensure brands and NGOs to deliver purpose-first messaging that resonates with citizens.

Pop-up call to action features and dedicated campaign pages will make it easier for viewers to engage with campaigns, inspiring them to ditch aimless scrolling and join brands in taking tangible action.

Cadwallader joins WaterBear with over two decades of experience in video-led, audience-first storytelling, building global content propositions for DICE, Google, adidas, YouTube and multiple impact startups. Prior to joining WaterBear, Lisa completed an eight year stint with VICE Media.

Cadwallader commented: “In a world that’s climate conscious, the most important return on investment for companies right now isn’t simply profit or even eyeballs. It’s the well-being of our planet and its people. WaterBear’s collaborative content studio supports stories that can transform our thinking, by turning all that climate apathy, fear, and outrage into hope with potential solutions. We’re finding plenty of brands curious to be a part of that. If the future is uncertain, filmmakers have the power to ensure it’s not left unimagined. With Rickey Welch our production director, we’ve commissioned animations to demystify deep sea mining in Extract. Destroy. Repeat. We have brought together lived experiences to enable true authentic authorship to Matar, our docu-fiction of a man seeking refuge in a hostile Britain. We have dug deep into Gen z culture to discover better networking for a better planet with Likeminded. It’s time to take the effectiveness of those campaigns to a wider marketplace of brands”

“Together we’re closing the gap between the planet’s frontline, purposeful filmmakers, and people’s screens, without losing the entertainment that gets under people’s skin and inspires a mindset shift. By giving voice to the issues that matter, we’ll help bring the frontline closer and change within reach,” she concluded.

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