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Viant strengthens sustainable foothold in CTV with Direct Access, joins Prebid

September 6, 2023

Viant Technology, the people-based advertising technology company, has expanded Direct Access, to focus on the largest, premium CTV content owners, who collectively represent over 75 per cent of the addressable CTV market in the US. Direct Access, Viant’s supply path optimisation initiative launched earlier this year, drives cost efficiencies and carbon reduction for advertisers by forging direct partnerships with leading publishers.

Fueled by the growth of Direct Access, Viant’s CTV business is currently outpacing the overall US CTV market and represents the largest channel in Viant’s DSP. In addition, Direct Access marks another step Viant has taken to further its sustainability mission by creating efficiencies in the digital supply path that drive carbon reduction.

“We launched Direct Access in early 2023, and our journey since then has been defined by tremendous momentum and a surge in growth. Unlike other SPO endeavors, we are squarely and deliberately focused on representing the buy side and the CTV channel, and this intentional focus has translated into driving a more efficient supply path for both advertisers and publishers, alike,” said Tom Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Viant. “Our program strengthens and optimizes the important connections within the marketing ecosystem while deepening Viant’s foothold in CTV.”

To further bolster its supply path optimisation efforts, Viant is also proud to be joining the community. is an industry-wide initiative that drives standardized, transparent technology standards for advertising to make it easier for buyers and sellers to transact in a fully programmatic ecosystem.

“I’m pleased to welcome Viant as a member of We look forward to working collaboratively with Viant and leveraging their knowledge and expertise in creating more efficient, direct supply paths and SPO initiatives for the industry,” said Mike Racic, President at

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