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Report: Bilingual US Hispanics more likely to pay for SVoD

September 13, 2023

App Science, wholly owned by Sabio Holdings, a provider of Connected TV/OTT advertising platforms validated by performance, has released audience insights comparing bilingual and Spanish-only US Hispanic streaming audiences.

The findings in the report provide analysis into how bilingual (English and Spanish) and Spanish-only speaking Hispanics may differ from each other. It highlights the unique preferences among Hispanic subgroups, providing audience data to help brands deliver a more targeted, relevant message within their ads to these audiences.

For example, within the streaming apps category, bilingual speakers are 4.5x and 3.5x as likely to have Paramount+ and Hulu on their streaming devices, respectively, and Spanish-only speakers are 2.8x as likely to have Canela.TV and 29 per cent more likely to have FuboTV on their devices, suggesting they are more likely to pay for sports.

“The diversity within the US Hispanic population shows that one-size won’t fit all when it comes to meaningfully engaging this audience. Personalised, culturally relevant ads will only increase in importance as time goes on,” said Helen Lum, Executive Vice President, App Science. “These groups’ mobile app preferences help tell a story of their behaviors and life experiences and ultimately can help provide advertisers with more opportunities to vary their creative messaging to better connect with their target audiences.”

Additional key findings from the report include:

  • By category, bilingual speakers are more likely to have social networking (5x), comics (4.2x), and reading (3.5x) apps on their mobile phones compared to their Spanish-speaking counterparts
  • In the music app category, the two demographics have strong differentiating preferences: bilingual speakers are more likely to have Pandora (11.8x), Audiomack (9x), and Amazon Music (5.3x) downloaded on their mobile devices compared to Spanish speakers who are more likely to have Radio Mexico (7.7x), ESound (3.6x), and LaMusica (3.6x)
  • Financial and banking apps also vary between the demographics:
    • Bilingual speakers are at least 5x more likely to bank with military banks
    • Spanish-only speakers are more than 2x as likely to have apps used for sending money abroad and 5.4x as likely to have Finhabits, a bilingual financial planning app
  • Overall, bilingual Hispanics are 26 per cent more likely to travel domestically and their indexed travel apps show a higher likelihood of being part of loyalty programmes at hotel chains and airlines.

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