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Research: 54% US broadband homes report data security issue

October 25, 2023

Parks Associates, a specialist in consumer and market research, has released its latest study, Privacy and Data Protection for Connected Devices, revealing that 54 per cent of US internet households report experiencing a data privacy/security issue over a 12-month period. This is an increase of 50 per cent since 2018.

Drawing from a survey of US internet households, the report finds that 62 per cent of smart home device owners express apprehension about unauthorised access and control of their devices. It also prescribes strategies for smart home firms, manufacturers, and tech providers to allay consumer concerns about the safety and security of their data as they adopt and use more connected devices.

Jennifer Kent, Vice President of Research at Parks Associates, commented. “As we witness this surge in data privacy and security concerns, it becomes paramount for smart home industry players and service providers to prioritise consumer data apprehensions and redouble their efforts in securing their products. After interoperability, the top reasons consumers gravitate to certain providers of smart home products are user experience and trust – trust that the company will properly handle personal data, and trust that the company will be present for the long haul.”

Parks Associates’ research reveals that in the past seven years, US internet households have doubled the number of connected devices they utilise within their homes.

“While the growth in 2023 appears to be slightly slower than in previous years, this could be attributed to consumers exercising caution in the wake of historic inflation, layoffs, and looming recession fears,” Kent added. “We anticipate that device ownership will resume its upward trajectory in more favorable economic conditions.”

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