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Yahoo debuts Edge-2-Edge

November 2, 2023

Yahoo Advertising has announced the launch of Edge-2-Edge, a new collection of premium formats designed to offer advertisers an opportunity to maximise their exposure and engagement on Yahoo properties. With the capability to fill any screen from edge to edge, it aims to provide a seamless viewing experience across all device types.

“The introduction of Edge-2-Edge underscores our commitment to delivering modern advertising solutions,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “We believe in empowering advertisers and are excited to continue offering a variety of tools and opportunities to create impactful and engaging ad experiences across the Yahoo ecosystem.”

Key Features of Edge-2-Edge include:

●      Enhanced Scale and Inventory: Edge-2-Edge provides advertisers with access to premium formats across the entire Yahoo ecosystem, spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop, with both above-the-fold and below-the-fold placements.

●      Robust Features and Customization: Edge-2-Edge offers a rich set of features, and the canvas can be fully customised to align with advertisers’ unique branding and messaging.

●      Flexible Buying Options: Advertisers can purchase Edge-2-Edge as a takeover, rotational, or programmatic guaranteed, allowing them to choose the buying strategy that suits their needs.

●      Targeting Capabilities: Edge-2-Edge has robust audience targeting capabilities, reducing wasted impressions and driving advertising efficiency.

●      Diverse Premium Formats: Addressing the need for unique premium formats, Edge-2-Edge offers a wide range of ad formats, allowing a larger canvas that spans the width of any page and the ability for ads to adjust, maintaining edge-to-edge formatting as screens or browsers are resized.

Advertisers including Princess Cruises are already benefiting from the new premium formats.

“Edge-2-Edge opens up new possibilities for our ad campaigns, giving us the freedom to craft our advertising strategy just the way we want,” said Jeff Larson, Senior Vice President Marketing at Princess Cruises. “Connecting with our audience through smart targeting and standout ad placements is vital for reaching our marketing goals. With Yahoo’s cutting-edge ad tools, they remain a valuable partner, helping us create a more impactful and meaningful connection with our audience, resulting in a notable spike in website traffic when we put these formats to work on Yahoo Sports this past summer.”

Edge-2-Edge will replace its predecessors, Stage and Moments. Unlike Stage, which was a singular product, Yahoo says that Edge-2-Edge is a comprehensive ad collection that offers advertisers more premium placements across properties, more flexible buying choices, and enhanced custom features. Additionally, while Stage was confined to three homepages, Edge-2-Edge will scale across the entire Yahoo ecosystem, from Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News to Yahoo Entertainment, AOL, and Engadget, providing more extensive reach. Edge-2-Edge also excels in precise targeting, addressing the limitation of targeting capabilities in Stage.

Edge-2-Edge is rolling out across Yahoo properties now.

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