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Yahoo ad partnerships with FreeWheel, Magnite, Publica

September 22, 2023

Yahoo Advertising has announced strategic partnerships with FreeWheel and Magnite for its streaming ad server SpringServe, and Publica by IAS, to enable direct server-to-server connections with direct-to-publisher offering Yahoo Backstage.

The move allows connected TV (CTV) publishers to more seamlessly extend their premium inventory through Yahoo Backstage. It also further solidifies Yahoo Advertising’s commitment to optimising media investments for its growing roster of Fortune 500 advertisers,.

“Our partnerships with FreeWheel, Magnite, and Publica by IAS enable us to provide greater value to both advertisers and publishers within the Yahoo DSP,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “In an increasingly complex digital landscape, creating instant connections, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring transparency are paramount. We look forward to working with these partners to support our customers, and will continue to seek out ways to optimise together.”

Available exclusively through the Yahoo DSP, Yahoo Backstage is a direct path to curated publisher inventory. To date, in addition to Yahoo owned and operated properties like Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance, over 100 publishers are featured within the offering. Among the 100, Yahoo Backstage includes nearly 40 CTV publishers. Now live, Yahoo Backstage supports transparency, control, and supply path optimisation (SPO), while maximising media spend and ROI for brands.

Integrations with FreeWheel, Magnite’s streaming ad server, SpringServe, and Publica by IAS directly benefit CTV publishers by extending their premium inventory through Yahoo Backstage. In addition, advertisers gain direct access to this inventory.

“We’re proud to be teaming up with Yahoo,” said Cameron Miille, VP, North American Head of Revenue and Growth, FreeWheel. “At FreeWheel, we take great pride in working with the most premium suppliers in today’s TV ad ecosystem, and integrating with industry partners to provide buyers with the most direct access. Today’s announcement is a great example of how we continue to innovate, simplify and improve the overall media supply chain.”

“More than ever, media owners need technology that works for them, and that includes easy access to an array of emerging demand channels such as Yahoo Backstage,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite. “By combining easy access to demand with innovative monetisation tools, we continue to drive increased transparency, value, and performance for nearly every major media owner in streaming.”

“CTV is one of the industry’s fastest growing and most dynamic channels,” added Sean Galligan, Chief Revenue Officer, Publica by IAS. “By connecting with Yahoo Backstage, we’re supporting our collective CTV publisher partners and furthering transparent media buying across high-quality inventory.”

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