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RTL AdAlliance: TV Key Facts 2023

December 5, 2023

RTL AdAlliance, the international video sales house of RTL Group, has released its TV Key Facts 2023. This year’s annual report marks its 30-year milestone.

Stéphane Coruble, CEO RTL AdAlliance, says: “Three decades after its inception, the TV Key Facts report stand as a guiding light in the dynamic landscape of the TV industry. The theme for our anniversary issue 30 Years of TV Key Facts is the transformative journey of Total Video through time. We recognise the critical importance of understanding audience behaviours, meeting the evolving needs and strategies of advertisers, and staying attuned to the everchanging content, platforms and publishers’ products. That way, we ensure that RTL AdAlliance remains a trusted and invaluable partner in the dynamic world of Total Video.”

Key Total Video statistics about worldwide viewing patterns in 2022 shed light on individual and global consumption habits. Video content becomes ever more important. A quarter of people’s lives are dedicated to watching video, taking up more than 6 hours of the day on average. While the consumers’ attention is diversifying across platforms, with video on demand and social media enjoying great popularity, linear TV continues to be a central component of the total video mix (51 per cent).

The European linear TV viewing time (3h22 daily) has remained remarkably consistent from 2000 to 2022. Well over half (63 per cent( of all Europeans tune in daily. And while the rapid rise in total video consumption will flatten over time, the report forecasts viewing times to remain consistently high over the next years.

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