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RTL AdAlliance incorporates European businesses

November 20, 2023

The international Total Video sales house of RTL Group has announced the consolidation of three previously independently operating companies to form the joint company RTL AdAlliance in 2022. As of today, the company has formally incorporated all its local European businesses into one single entity per market and launches a straight-forward business approach which it says offers “simplicity for advertisers and value for publishers”.

The CEO of RTL AdAlliance, Stéphane Coruble, and Deputy CEO and CDO Oliver Vesper, have appointed the heads for all markets. Responsible for the UK business will be David Townend BU Director UK, while Nicole Haman, based in the RTL AdAlliance London office will oversee international digital sales as VP Digital Sales. She will be collaborating closely with Simone Blei, VP Global Sales, based in Milan.

Over the past year, RTL AdAlliance has continued to streamline its offering, to build up strategic partnerships, and make roots in the complex European advertising environment. Offering a central point of contact for all advertising requirements, RTL AdAlliance unifies European advertising inventories, buying processes, and reporting for global brands. This approach not only provides access to diverse markets, but also offers brands seamless advertising solutions that enable them to reach audiences with consistency and track the performance of their campaigns across all channels. The aim is to empower advertisers with data-driven guidance that aligns with the evolving market dynamics, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

With The Trade Desk and RTL Group’s ad-tech company smartclip, RTL AdAlliance has established the first programmatic buying ecosystem for addressable linear and connected TV. In partnership with Realytics, RTL AdAlliance improved the measurement accuracy of cross platform campaigns from linear TV to online advertising.

Stéphane Coruble, CEO of RTL AdAlliance, commented: “The integration of RTL AdAlliance couldn’t have gone better. At the heart of our simplified offering are our business units, which directly connect European media with global brands. Our three corporate cultures with more than 250 employees fit together so well that we hit the ground running as one team from the start. As a unified company, we can now accelerate our efforts and count on our dedicated employees to drive this momentum for our partners and customers worldwide. I am pleased to say that we now can simplify media buying and reduce complexities for media owners and brands.”

Oliver Vesper, Deputy CEO and Chief Digital Officer of RTL Ad Alliance, added: “Through our close collaboration with our sibling tech companies, smartclip tech and its subsidiary Realytics, we empower the industry to navigate the intricate tapestry of media options and redefine the future of total video advertising. Realytics stand as a beacon of innovation for TV-digital convergence, allowing advertisers and agencies to measure, analyse and optimise their TV campaigns. And smartclip tech signifies a visionary stride toward advancing the European TV ecosystem. Together, we bridge the gap between broadcasters and technology, including an integrated ad server and SSP alongside a broadcaster-centric product suite that caters to every distribution channel.“

RTL AdAlliance combines and digitalises TV advertising on established European media brands such as RTL in Germany, RAI in Italy, ITV in the UK and NBCUniversal with media brands online and in print and CTV offerings on Samsung and LG smart TVs.

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