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Sandbox apps on Tamatem

December 12, 2023

Sandbox Group, the London-based Edutainment company, is partnering with Tamatem, the mobile game platform for the Middle East. The partnership will see Sandbox’s gaming and entertainment apps made available to the Arabic-speaking world via Tamatem Plus, Tamatem’s alternative payment and distribution platform.

The first app to launch on Tamatem Plus is PlayKids+, Sandbox’s recently launched edutainment app aimed at children ages 2 – 12 that adapts its UI and featured content based on the child’s age. By bringing together an array of content with 1000+ videos, 150+ games and music, PlayKids+ offers children hundreds of hours of entertainment while giving parents the peace of mind with a safe and ad-free app.

Launching on Tamatem Plus payment platform will allow Sandbox Group to reach new audiences in MENA and unlock the full potential of its growing mobile games market. By joining the platform it will be able to offer a seamless payment-option to the large part of the Arab population that is currently underbanked with no access to a credit or debit card.

Beyond Gaming on the VoD front Sandbox Group has also recently localised over 500 episodes of its catalogue of licensed and original content in modern Arabic in a view to offer the full kids ‘superapp’ premium experience to consumers in the Arab world.

PlayKids+ will be available to purchase via the Tamatam Plus Store and users will be able to buy and redeem voucher codes for either $3 monthly, or $25 annual codes.

Shan Eisenberg, Chief Commercial Officer of Sandbox Group, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to partner with a leading gaming platform like Tamatem, in a first launch in MENA which is a strategic growth region for Sandbox Group. We strongly believe smart games are the perfect complement to ‘gaming for gamers’ products offered by telcos and entertainment platforms, as they address new demographics, generate new revenue, all the while bringing to life ESG agendas.”

Faisal Al Bitar, Managing Director of Tamatem Plus, added: “Our Partnership with Sandbox Group marks the start of an exciting journey as we assist them in accessing the MENA market and exploring new markets through the Tamatem Plus Store. By onboarding on Tamatem Plus, users will have the convenience of purchasing subscriptions to Sandbox’s products using their preferred local payment methods, with access to a wide network of more than 35 alternative payment methods across 11 countries.”

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