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WBD announces first Max Originals in Spain

January 11, 2024

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) has announced today the first entertainment formats that will be part of the local content offering that will land on Max in Spain. WBD’s enhanced streaming platform will be available in Spain from spring 2024, and will include a variety of local content including global entertainment hits such as the long-running Peking Express, which celebrates its 20 year anniversary since it first premiered and has been reinvented for its next  stage on Max; as well as the local adaptations of Naked and Afraid and Naked Attraction, two internationally successful formats.

Laura Carafoli, SVP TV Networks & Digital Local Production Italy & Iberia, commented: “With the launch of Max, we will continue to produce quality scripted projects and we will enhance the unscripted offering by adding premium documentaries and entertainment shows appealing to a wider audience. This is why we are thrilled to announce three new top-class titles to Max’s local content lineup. Three shows with a proven track record, telling exciting real-life stories, featuring compelling characters with the best production values”


Peking Express sees 14 participants on a colossal trip through some of the most unknown countries on the planet living off a single euro a day as they compete for a cash prize. This series returns to Spain thanks to Max with a renewed format and full of surprises.

Produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Spain, this new reinvention for Max will feature seven combined couples of famous and anonymous people who will have a backpack as their only luggage and will compete against each other in the race of their lives. Their mission: to reach their destination as quickly as possible by journeying through exotic landscapes in which they will have to find their own transportation, accommodation and food with armed with only their instinct, their ingenuity and their social skills. Only by harnessing their determination will they be able to overcome the numerous challenges and stay in the competition until the final test.

 This format originating from Belgium, created by Luddo Poppe two decades ago, has been successfully released in 18 countries around the planet, including France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Italy.


Presented by Marta Flich, Naked Attraction arrives in Spain, an adaptation of the dating show produced by Fremantle. This show is a proven hit, premiering successfully across Italy, Germany, Sweden and the UK, and has run for several seasons.

In each episode, two people will look for their ideal partner among six suitors whom they will have to observe and with whom they will be surprised, enjoy and let themselves go until they find their ‘match’. These six singles and their totally naked bodies will be inside colourful booths where details of their physiques will be revealed little by little. Among all of them, only one will be chosen for a date and get the opportunity to get to know one another more in depth.


Surviving three weeks in one of the most extreme places on the planet without food, water , tools and even… without clothes. This is the challenge of Naked and Afraid, Discovery’s consolidated international adventure and survival format that will soon arrive on Max from Warner Bros. ITVP Spain, which produces the Spanish version of the format. The series challenges contestants to resist and adapt for 21 days in one of the wildest and most dangerous environments in the world. Not only that but they must do it completely naked whilst living with a total stranger.

Split into pairs who will not meet each other until the start of the programme, the first group of Spanish adventurers in the history of the format will endure the hostility of an adverse climate, the threats hidden by wild nature, illnesses and injuries, and other obstacles to overcome to search for food, find water, build shelters and reach the end first.

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