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India: Lenskart partners with Frodoh World

January 24, 2024

CTV tech company, Frodoh World, has announced its partnership with Lenskart for a target-oriented CTV campaign. Driven by Starcom India, the campaign that targeted CTV homes in Ahmedabad drove significant interest for the brand in the region.

Frodoh World aimed to spread brand awareness and reach for Lenskart in affluent CTV household audiences. The campaign successfully achieved a reach of over 550,000 Connected TV households, boasting a video completion rate exceeding 90 per cent.

Beyond mere viewership metrics, the campaign’s success was reflected in Lenskart’s report of a substantial 15 per cent to 18 per cent increase in store walk-ins across Ahmedabad, showcasing the campaign’s ability not only to engage audiences but also to drive real-world actions. The campaign featured four culturally resonant 20-second video creatives in Gujarati that were strategically executed on top OTTs, premium shows, and regional top shows during prime time.

Said Anupam Tripathi, General Manager, Marketing, Lenskart, commented: “Our collaboration with Frodoh World for this compelling Connected TV campaign has proven to be a game-changer. The outreach and engagement with over 550,000 CTV households in Ahmedabad have not only elevated brand awareness but also translated into a substantial 15-18% increase in store walk-ins. We strategically chose a media mix incorporating traditional TV, Connected TV, and hyperlocalised targeting, coupled with personalised regional language content believing that a comprehensive approach is vital for campaign success. We look forward to further leveraging the power of innovative advertising solutions in our future campaigns, maintaining our commitment to a diversified media strategy.”

Niti Kumar, COO, Starcom India, said: “We are proud to have successfully executed our Connected TV campaign across top OTT platforms and regional prime-time broadcasts. The strategic partnership between Frodoh World and Lenskart, enabled by Starcom India, highlights the robust capabilities of Connected TV and underscores its potential for impactful advertising. We now look forward to driving such innovations for our clients in the future.”

Russhabh R Thakkar, Founder and CEO, Frodoh World, added: “The power and potential of CTV can only be harnessed and this campaigns success is a testament to this. Personalised ad formats make way for engagement and long-term recall and with this campaign for Lenskart we have been able to deliver ROI beyond expectations. We are certain that this campaign for Starcom and Lenskart is a kickstart to a long term relationship.”

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