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Innovid partners with Upwave

June 15, 2023

Innovid, an independent advertising platform for delivery, personalisation and measurement of converged TV has announced a first-to-market partnership with Upwave, an analytics platform for brand advertising, to use brand KPI signals for automated creative optimisation across digital channels, including CTV, ensuring budget automatically goes to top performing ads.

With Upwave’s expertise in brand advertising analysis, combined with Innovid’s advertising platform, ad creative will be adjusted in real-time as brand KPIs such as awareness, recall, consideration, purchase intent, and more shift across ad messages and audiences, automatically maximising the effectiveness of campaigns across all digital channels.

“TV has long been thought of as a pure awareness or recall play but CTV refuses to be beholden to just one part of the advertising funnel, and is blending the lines by providing value both to brand awareness and DR-focused advertisers,” said Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer  at Innovid. “The intent of this partnership is to help advertisers not only understand in real-time which ads are driving the most brand outcomes, but ensure those ads are the ones that are served more often. Innovid and Upwave look forward to bridging the understanding and the action based on that understanding together, in one platform, ensuring ad dollars go to top performing ads automatically.”

“Through this collaboration, advertisers utilising Innovid’s platform can seamlessly integrate Upwave’s brand measurement to inform their ad-serving decisions, making brand campaigns as optimisable as performance campaigns,” said Chris Kelly, CEO at Upwave. “Just as lower funnel campaigns can optimise creative to clicks or conversions, now upper funnel campaigns have an optimisable metric. With our robust data analysis, advertisers are able to optimise their creative serving strategy in real-time to maximise top-of-funnel results. The combination of our brand measurement and Innovid’s platform, advertisers can create impactful campaigns that elevate overall brand outcomes.”

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