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Research: Tech-savvy over-65s selling skills on social media

February 28, 2024

BT Group research reveals how tech-savvy over-65s are making an average of £650-a-year monetising their traditional skills online.

While Gen Z (18-24 year-olds) might be better known for online side hustles, over-65s are knitting, sewing and baking their way to spare cash, often marrying a lifetime of expertise with digital skills to gain followers and funds.

The Gen Z cohort make an average of £1,100 a year, around double what over-65s are making. Yet the BT Group research indicates that over-65s possess a lifetime of skills they could monetise online if they had stronger digital skills.

The research showed over-65s were 30 per cent more likely to possess useful real world skills such as baking and knitting, than those under-65. Yet when it comes to digital skills – which would enable them to turn their hobby into a way of generating extra income – the research showed older people are less confident than younger generations.

Despite nearly half (46 per cent) of over-65s striving to improve their digital skills, BT Group’s research shows almost a third (27 per cent) are not confident with tech and over half (57 per cent) feel like technology is passing them by.

Upskilling half of the over-65s who possess traditional skills, but are not confident with their digital skills, could create over £1.2 billion of economic value.

It comes as BT Group is helping drive digital skills among older generations through free learning programmes, including a free webinar Digital discovery at any age, a one-hour session to help over-65s to learn basic digital skills.

Victoria Johnson, Social Impact Director at BT Group, commenting: “It’s great to see people launch side hustles in later life. Through our learning programmes and tech tips courses, BT Group is proud to be helping older generations get the digital skills they need to convert years of experience into a successful online business.”

Breakdown of over 65s traditional skills vs.18 to 34-year-olds:

More than twice as many older people know how to wire a plug as young people (84% vs 39%)
Repair clothes (73% vs 50%)
Polish shoes (99% vs 78%)
Iron clothes (95% vs 86%)
Light a BBQ (76% vs 66%)
Grow plants (86% vs 68%)
Home-making (94% vs 71%)
Knitting (50% vs 31%)
Baking (75% vs 80%)
Restoration (39% vs 39%)
Vehicle maintenance (45% vs 43%)

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