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Snap, Amplified Intelligence seek to measure AR attention

March 14, 2024

Amplified Intelligence, a source for attention measurement, has partnered with Snapchat on an approach to assess how augmented reality (AR) Lenses captivate audiences. Conducted in partnership with global media agency OMD, the research initiative facilitated live analysis of in-the-moment human attention on Snapchat AR Lenses, producing the most accurate measurement to date.

Catalysed by the need for clear insight into AR’s attention-driving strength, this development forms the foundation of a multi-phase attention study across multiple markets, commencing in the UK and US. The testing space was built for Snapchat, utilising their Camera Kit SDK technology, to create a bespoke natural measurement environment within Amplified Intelligence’s proprietary attentionTRACE solution to provide granular understanding of active, passive, and non-attention paid to branded AR lenses.

Blended analysis of real-time viewing behaviour and survey data collected from exposed users has revealed the true attention received by each lens and the effect on creative performance, including short-term advertising strength (STAS) and longer-term mental availability.

Alexander Dao, Global Head of Agency Development & Sales Partnerships at Snapchat, said: “We’ve been encouraged by the progress we’ve seen in attention measurement over the last decade, and are excited to partner with Amplified Intelligence to apply refined attention measurement to AR Lenses. As organisations such as the IAB and Advertising Attention Research Foundation (ARF) aim to standardise how attention is tracked and quantified, we’re looking forward to continuing our work in the space to help advertisers better understand their outcomes when leveraging AR.”

Suzy Ryder, CEO at OMD UK, commented: “For the past four years, OMD has been partnering with Amplified Intelligence to measure the impact of active attention on brand choice and brand preference across various platforms. Conducting research with leading platforms in more than two dozen countries across APAC, EMEA, LATAM and North America for more than 20 global brands, we’ve examined the role that factors like ad formats, content, context, demographics and dayparts play in gaining and holding consumer attention – insights that have enabled the incorporation of an attention KPI in our planning processes. As the agency with the highest proportion of advertisers utilising AR formats on Snap, we have an obligation to our clients to add this format to our current base of knowledge, and quantify the advantages that the technology offers to brands as they compete for a limited amount of consumer attention in today’s highly fragmented and competitive media landscape.”

Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO at Amplified Intelligence, added: “Accurate benchmarking is an essential starting point for pinpointing the attention available to brands when using different platforms, channels, and ad formats. It’s extremely encouraging that Snapchat is among the innovative social platforms taking the lead in examining branded experiences closely to deliver consistent, tangible, and scaled insights into the attention they receive — and how that fuels performance objectives. This project illustrates the huge scope for sophisticated technologies to open up new attention frontiers; with our smart solution able to achieve refined data capture for a medium as complex as AR, there is no limit to future measurement possibilities.”

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