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OTTera partners with ThinkAnalytics

April 25, 2024

OTTera, a provider of end-to-end OTT and FAST channel solutions, has announced its strategic partnership with ThinkAnalytics, a specialist in advanced content discovery and viewer engagement solutions. Through this collaboration, OTTera will integrate ThinkAnalytics’ ThinkFAST AI scheduler and ThinkAdvertising into its software, empowering customers to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and revenue growth across FAST channels and OTT apps.

By harnessing ThinkAnalytics’ AI technologies, OTTera will enhance its content scheduling and advertising strategies. ThinkAnalytics’ ThinkFAST AI scheduler utilises sophisticated algorithms to optimise content placement, ensuring that viewers receive relevant and engaging programming tailored to their preferences. ThinkFAST’s integration will personalise the viewing experience for OTTera’s users based on their demographics, preferences, and previous viewing behaviour.  Moreover, with ThinkAdvertising, OTTera will leverage audience intelligence and content understanding to deliver hyper-targeted advertisements, maximizing revenue opportunities for clients.

“Aligning ThinkAnalytics’ deep capabilities with OTTera’s strategic offerings across OTT and FAST yields a rich toolkit for publishers to maximize yield from their libraries, quickly scale out targeted FAST channels and end user experiences within applications and beyond, all with an eye towards discovery, engagement, monetisation and retention,” said Craig McEldowney, CTO at OTTera.


“I am delighted that ThinkAnalytics is forming this partnership with OTTera. The ThinkAnalytics product set integrated into OTTera’s applications will bring huge efficiencies and value to OTTera’s customers. Meeting at the NAB Show was the perfect opportunity to realize our synergies and agree terms to our collaboration,” said Marc Aldrich, CEO at ThinkAnalytics.

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