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Molang to speak English in second YouTuber season

May 13, 2024

Millimages, an independent animation studio and IP developer, has announced a second season for its Molang YouTuber series. Season 2 (20 x 14’) will build on the success of the first season with the novel addition of an English speaking Molang.

A distinguishing feature of the six seasons of the Molang TV series is that the characters were dialogue-free, only conversing in their own made-up language ‘Molanguese’, while the first Youtuber season was in Molanguese subtitled in English. By contrast, the upcoming Molang YouTuber season 2 will launch in English, broadening the existing target audience and increasing storyline opportunities.

Kévin Maintrot, Head of Digital Content Strategy, commented: “The dialogue free series was big advantage for TV worldwide sales. But speaking characters will open all sorts of options for us to expand the Molang universe, solidify our characters status of virtual influencers and reach older audiences than the TV series, as we already did on social media like Tiktok and Instagram.”

First launched in June 2023, Molang YouTuber was a totally innovative concept featuring animated characters interacting like human content creators do, in popular video concepts like Reacts, Gaming, ASMR, and various challenges. The channel published new episodes every Sunday, now totaling over 200 videos thanks to additionnal compilations and shorts; and has racked up 230K subscribers and 35 million views.  In March 2024 alone, inbetween seasons when there were no new videos to promote the channel, Molang YouTuber still gained 6 million views.

Production on season 2 has started in Millimages’ studio in Paris,  with a 20-person animation team. The new season (20×14’) will be completed by 10 additionnal exclusive episodes of a capsule concept titled Molang’s Kindness Club, inspired by the current trend of filmed podcasts where participants sit comfortably in a cozy studio and enjoy deep chats. Molang and Piu Piu will be talking to lots of guests stars to discuss subjects such as mental health, cyberbullying or finding creativity.

The first episode of season 2 is set to air on Molang’s dedicated channel the first week of June.

Adrien Moretto, General Director, added “Producing for our own YouTube channel, essentially becoming our own broadcaster, has allowed us to understand exactly what our audiences want and what they connect to. Given its success, we trust that broadcasters will also recognise the potential of the series for their own networks, and we are open to discuss international distribution of season 1.”

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