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The role of Evolution Gaming in redefining British bingo

May 13, 2024

Within the centuries of British popular culture, few pastimes hold as much nostalgia, joy and communal spirit as bingo. No, we’re not talking about the Australian cartoon character that’s the sibling of the loveable Blue Heeler dog Bluey. Throughout the 20th century, bingo halls dotted Britain’s urban landscape, drawing crowds of eager enthusiasts seeking entertainment, social interaction and all-round camaraderie.

At its peak, bingo captivated millions nationwide, with the game successfully transcending social divides and embodying the spirit of community gaming. However, with the advent of the digital age, traditional bingo halls faced immediate challenges as attendance dwindled and eyes veered toward their online counterparts.

Online bingo has helped to add a fresh dimension to traditional bingo

Online bingo rooms emerged as a beacon of convenience, bringing a modern twist on a beloved British classic. This resurgence breathed new life into the bingo industry, paving the way for innovative adaptations and new gaming experiences.

Evolution Gaming has played a crucial role in cementing bingo gameplay in the 21st century iGaming industry. Evolution, a Swedish live casino solutions provider, supplies dozens of the world’s leading iGaming platforms. The organisation has approximately 30 of its own locations, delivering real-time live casino games broadcast in high-definition (HD) quality streams.

The behind-the-scenes tech which powers live bingo games

Evolution leverages state-of-the-art technology such as optical character recognition (OCR) and immersive gameplay features to innovate a new wave of bingo-style entertainment which transcends the confines of conventional bingo halls and venues.

Its standout bingo innovation is Live Mega Ball, a dynamic variant which fuses elements of traditional bingo gameplay with the thrills and spills of lottery-style draws. Unlike a conventional bingo game, Live Mega Ball has a much faster game format. The Live Mega Ball games differ significantly from the experiences of traditional bingo in the UK, as the action is played at a high-octane speed. All 20 balls are drawn at lightning speed to cater for the time-poor casual bingo player online.

A standard game of Live Mega Ball unfolds in real time, with a charismatic host leading players through each round, injecting a sense of drama and personality into the proceedings. Much like a classic bingo caller would do. It features vibrant visuals, interactive chat functionality with other virtual players, as well as the potential for substantial win multipliers. In short, it’s an electrifying bingo-style experience unmatched by its predecessors.

To participate in a game of Live Mega Ball, players must acquire one or more bingo cards. Each of which contains a grid of numbers, akin to the one used in bingo. As the game progresses, numbered balls are drawn from the hopper. Players must mark off the matching numbers to their cards. The objective is to complete lines or achieve a full-house pattern within a specific number of draws to secure instant prizes.

The defining feature of Live Mega Ball

What sets Live Mega Ball apart is its clever multiplier feature. After the main draw, a Mega Ball is drawn from the hopper. If the Mega Ball matches any number on a player’s card, the associated prize is multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier. This can multiply potential winnings for a line, two lines or a full-house by between 5x and 100x.

This multiplier mechanism adds an extra layer of anticipation, as winning players eagerly await the Mega Ball draw to potentially boost their winnings. With its blend of strategy, chance and high-octane gameplay, Live Mega Ball has swiftly garnered acclaim among bingo enthusiasts worldwide. In fact, many believe this is the next-generation version of bingo before their eyes.

Evolution Gaming’s inventive approach to bingo has reshaped the way players engage with this timeless game. They’ve attracted a new wave of players, while reigniting the interest among seasoned bingo fans.

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